Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICCAS) was founded in 1956. ICCAS is a multi-disciplinary research institute dedicated to the basic research in broad fields of chemical sciences, and to the key developments of the innovative high technologies aiming to the imperative national needs and important strategic targets, as well as to the collaborative high-technology applications and transfers. ICCAS is one of China’s leading chemistry research institutions with high international reputation.

The major research areas of ICCAS include polymer science, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. The institute focuses on the following fields: the frontiers of molecular and nano sciences, organic and polymeric materials, chemical biology, as well as energy and green chemistry.

Since its establishment, ICCAS has received more than 300 National and regional awards for important science and technology developments. For more than a decade, ICCAS has been among the top institutions in China in terms of SCI publications and SCI citations. The continuous increase of the number of high impact journal papers demonstrates the strength and capability of the ICCAS for innovative basic research. ICCAS also leads on the number of filed and issued patents among the institutes of the CAS. A number of patents have been used in the developments of national economy and defense.

More information about ICCAS, please visit http://english.ic.cas.cn

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