We invite attendances at the Baekeland 2018, "6th International Symposium on Network Polymers", which will be held in Shanghai, CHINA, from April 25 to 28, 2018. With this symposium, the organization wish to continue the successful of the first symposium that was organized in 2007 in Ghent, BELGIUM, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the invention of Bakelite by the Ghent-born Dr. Leo Baekeland. Prof. Eric Goethals was the founder of the Baekeland Symposium and build up a new technical platform for the thermosetting matrix polymers.


Baekeland 2007, 1st conference to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Leo Baekeland patent on Bakelite.  It was held in Ghent, Belgium, home of Dr. Baekeland
Baekeland 2009, held in Turkey
Baekeland 2011, held in Japan and commemorate 100th anniversary of phenolic resin production in Japan (Japan Location)
Baekeland 2013, held in Niagara Falls, Canada (North America Location)
Baekeland 2016, held in Surrey, UK (Europe Location)
Baekeland 2018 to be held in Shanghai, China (Asia Location)



The purpose of the meeting is to review the present trends and developments in all types of thermoset resins (not only phenolics) essentially from a R&D point of view. The following topics have been selected:
• Phenolics and Benzoxazine
• Polyimides
• BMI/Cyanate ester
• Phthalonitrile and silicon alkyne
• Epoxy
• Ceramic precursors
• Reshapable thermoset: Vitrimers, Self-healing thermoset, Covalently Adaptable Networks(CAN)


You are invited to present contributed oral and poster presentations. The deadline of abstract submission of contributed oral and posters (one page, suitable for the book of abstracts) is February 11th, 2018. Information on acceptance of papers will be sent by February 29th, 2018. Post-deadline posters will be accepted as space permits. You can select either oral or poster. We may ask you to change your oral presentation to poster presentation depending on the number of contributed papers.



February 11th, 2018 - Abstract Submission Deadline for Oral Presentations
February 29th, 2018-Acceptance Notification for Submitted Oral Presentations

March 6th, 2018 - Abstract Submission Deadline for Poster Presentations
March 12rd, 2018 - Early Bird Registration Deadline for Accepted Abstracts
Abstracts from one paragraph up to two pages in length will be accepted for this conference.
Please download at and use the abstract/paper template.
Once you have completed your abstract, please attach your document to an email as a Word or PDF file and send it to



Prof. Zhongping Li (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, CHINA)
Prof. Eric Goethals (Ghent University, BELGIUM)


Prof. Tong ZHAO (Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences)



Dr. John Connell (NASA Langley, USA)
Prof. Filip Du Prez (Ghent University, BELGIUM)
Prof. Ian Hamerton (University of Bristol, UK)
Prof. Xigao Jian (Dalian University of Technology, CHINA)
Prof. Zhongping Li (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, CHINA)
Dr. Louis Pilato (Pilato Consulting, USA)
Prof. Tsutomu Takeichi (Toyohashi University of Technology, JAPAN)
Prof. Yusuf Yagci (Istanbul Technical University, TURKEY)
Dr. Rikio Yokota (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAPAN)
Prof. Xiaosu Yi (AVIC Composite Materials Co., Ltd, CHINA)
Prof. Yichu Yin (Shang hai Research Institute of Synthetic Resins)



Prof. Lin Fan, (Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA)
Prof. Eric Goethals (Ghent University, BELGIUM)
Prof. Yi Gu (Sichuan University, CHINA)
Prof. Farong Huang (East China University of Science and Technology, CHINA)
Prof. Yuntao Li (Southwest Petroleum University, CHINA)
Dr. Louis Pilato (Pilato Consulting, USA)
Dr. Zixue Qiu (Shanghai Hua Yi (Group) Company, CHINA)
Prof. Jun Wang (National University of Defense Technology, CHINA)
Mr. Keqiang Wang (Chang Shu South-East Plastic Co., Ltd, CHINA)
Prof. Yichu Yin (Shang hai Research Institute of Synthetic Resins, CHINA)
Mr. Yongmao Zhu (Shanghai European-Asian Synthetic Material Co., Ltd, CHINA)



Welcome reception
Invited lectures
Oral and poster presentations
Conference excursion
“All things Bakelite”-The movie premiere with Chinese subtitles
Company tour



Participants are advised to register in advance (Before March 12, 2018) to receive an early bird discount. Below is the registration fee per participant:
Pre-Registration (Before March 12, 2018), USD 350.00
Registration (After March 12, 2018), USD 450.00


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 Jason CUI, SAMPE Beijing Chapter
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