We invite attendance at the Baekeland 2018, "6th International Symposium on Network Polymers", which will be held in Shanghai, CHINA, from April 25-28, 2018. With this symposium, the organization wish to continue the successful of the first symposium that was organized in 2007 in Ghent, BELGIUM, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the invention of Bakelite by the Ghent-born Dr. Leo Baekeland. Prof. Eric Goethals was the founder of the Baekeland Symposium and build up a new technical platform for the thermosetting matrix polymers.

2007 Ghent, BELGIUM

                2009 Antalya, TURKEY

                                2011 Toyohashi, JAPAN

                                                 2013 , Niagara Falls, CANADA

                                                                    2016 Surrey, UK

                                                                                    2018 Shanghai, CHINA



Dr. John Connell (NASA Langley)

Prof. Dr. Michel Delmas (University of Toulouse)

Prof. Theo Dingemans (University of North Carolina)

Prof. Takeshi Endo (Kniki University)

Prof. Yi Gu (Sichuan University)

Prof. Ian Hamerton (University of Bristol)

Dr. Cornelius Haase (SI group, USA) 

Prof. Farong Huang (East China University of Science And Technology)

Prof. Hatsuo Ishida (Case Western Reserve University)

Dr. Yuichi Ishida (Institute of Aerospace Technology)

Prof. Yuntao Li (Southwest Petroleum University)

Dr. Louis Pilato (Pilato Consulting)

Prof. Angels Serra (University Rovira i Virgili)

Prof. Dennis Smith (Mississippi State University)

Prof. Mark Soucek (University of Akron)


Tel:+86 10 6609 5269


Dr. John Connell (NASA Langley, USA)

Prof. Filip Du Prez (Ghent University, BELGIUM)

Prof. Ian Hamerton (University of Bristol, UK)

Prof. Xigao Jian (Dalian University of Technology, CHINA) 

Prof. Zhongping Li (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, CHINA)

Dr. Louis Pilato (Pilato Consulting, USA)

Prof. Tsutomu Takeichi (Toyohashi University of Technology, JAPAN)

Prof. Yusuf Yagci (Istanbul Technical University, TURKEY)

Dr. Rikio Yokota (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAPAN)

Prof. Xiaosu Yi (AVIC Composite Materials Co., Ltd, CHINA)

Prof. Yichu Yin (Shanghai Research Institute of Synthetic Resins, CHINA)